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Pink-Noise Weighted Spectrum Analyzer!

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SpecTrend™ Spectral Trend Analyzer – 1/3 Octave Pink-Noise Weighted Spectrum Analyzer – See All Frequency Bands at the Same Level

SpecTrend™ provides a pink-noise weighted view of the audio spectrum of your track. With pink-noise weighting, all frequency bands will be at the same level when your mix is spectrally balanced. This allows you to see the balance and make EQ decisions to create the perfect balanced mixed! You view each 1/3 octave bar to be at the same level with the pink noise weighting. So, you can tell if your lows are not strong enough, or there is too much mid-range. And not just the level, the color coding of the bars, green being your target range, makes it is easy to see when your mix is balanced.

$49.99 64 bit PC and Mac, VST, VST3, AAX, AU
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To get the best spectral balance across your mix, you need a tool to allow to see how frequencies are distributed. SepcTrend™ gives you the information you need to make EQ decisions and get the best balance. SpecTrend™ has 1/3 octave frequency bands which are weighted to match the -3db per octave (1/f) spectrum of pink-noise. The SpecTrend™ pink weighted metering is achieved mathematically, so no noise is introduced to your signal. However, there is a built-in noise generator for testing and reference purposes.