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64 bit PC and Mac - VST, VST3, AAX, and AU

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BoostX - uses NLSRT™ for a non-linear fader that brings up the soft sounds more than the loud. Really!

BoostX using NSLRT™ functions as a non-linear volume control, allows you to raise the lower levels of your signal more than the high level signals. This is NOT a compressor! But, it provides a similar functionality in that the loud parts of the signal are controlled, while the soft parts are brought up. And, it does all of this without any audible difference in the sound. So, for any vocal or instrumental track that is a little too quiet, and needs to be brought up in the mix, without making it too loud, this is the way to do it!

$29.99 64 bit PC and Mac, VST3, AAX, AU
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BoostX is designed for those times when you need to raise the level of the softer parts of your sound without also raising the louder parts. It works by applying our NLSRT™ algorithm to each sample and adjusting the level according to its overall loudness. It is NOT a compressor! But, BoostX can often perform a similar function by bringing up your signal so it sits in the mix, and yet, does not become too loud.