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64 bit PC and Mac - VST, VST3, AAX, and AU

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Snap! - utilizing NLSRT™ to restore dynamics to your tracks, or to samples. Put back the attack!

Put some life back into those samples! Snap! restores some of the peak amplitude that is lost when samples are processed and compressed, sometimes taking the life and impact out of them. Snap! stretches those peaks upward, in a proportional manner. Please be aware that this is the exact opposite of a limiter. Snap! will increase your peaks which could result in "overs" or clipping. But when used properly, it can put the musical life back into the sound.

$29.99 64 bit PC and Mac, VST3, AAX, AU
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Snap! is that handy little bit of snap and spark you can add back to any track. It uses NLSRT™ technology to stretch your peaks upward, proportionally. This has the affect of increasing the attack of the signal. The affect is subtle, but, before and after comparisons sound more lively and crisper when Snap! is applied.